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  • What is the format/layout of the party?
    For the first 45 minutes until your turn in front of the camera, you're welcome to mingle, do hair & makeup, and dress for your shoot. The following 2 hours will be spent taking turns in front of the camera. There may be time for multiple looks!
  • How will I receive my photos?
    You will receive your photographs via email within a week of the Fauxtoshoot.
  • How many photos will I receive?
    You will receive anywhere from 5-10 images.
  • What should I bring to the Fauxtoshoot?
    You should come with a few wardrobe options because there may be enough time for a costume change. We will provide a few optional accessories & props, but come prepared on your end. It's a great idea to bring your own makeup, makeup brushes, curling irons and hair accessories as well. Think about what props will be funny for you. Perhaps a pan flute, creepy doll or ventriloquy dummy?
  • Will there be food?
    There will be water, snacks and treats, but grab dinner with your friends first!
  • Can I be photographed with someone else at the party?
    Yes! You should have a couple opportunities in front of the camera so how you spend those minutes is up to you!
  • Will there be other people at the party I don't know?
    Unless you and 20-30 friends reserve the party, yes, there will be new friends to meet! Our experience has been that by the end of the night, everyone has a great time getting to know each other.
  • What am I supposed to do in front of the camera?
    That's up to you! (But keep it clean, please.) If you are uncomfortable, don't worry! We will have a fun team of people to help you get some great shots!
  • Can I bring additional people to come watch?
    Unfortunately, no. We will be at capacity with our guests.
  • Can I bring my children to the Fauxtoshoot?
    No. Unfortunately, the party is for adults only.
  • Can I bring a pet?
    Maybe! Please contact us first because it depends on the studio rules. Pets really make those DoubleYou Fauxtoshoots so if they are allowed we highly encourage them! However, pets must be crated at all times when not in front of the camera and in some cases, may need to remain in a different room to avoid allergy issues.
  • Can I sell my photos?
    No. Copyright remains with Fauxtoshoot. You are welcome to use the photo for personal use only.
  • Can I have prints made of my photos?
    Nothing funnier than gifting your Fauxtoshoot photos in the form of a large, signed glossy. You are welcome to print them for personal use! You may need our printing consent form depending on your printing company.
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